Tuesday, January 21, 2014

How-to Make a Sublime Text Linux Desktop Launcher

Making a Sublime Text Linux Desktop Launcher

The Tip Show How-to Making a System Wide Desktop Launcher for Sublime Text Editor on Linux

Sublime Text is a cross-platform Text and Source Code Editor, with a Python API and its functionality is nicely extendable with plugins.

Sublime Text is a Non-free Software, But it Give You an Unlimited Evaluation Time Period.

On the Sublime Text Launcher Creation on Linux Desktops Bottom Link to Evernote Clone and Google-Chrome Linux Installation Guides.

Install Sublime Text Editor OpenSUSE 13.X - Featured
  1. Open Terminal Window

  2. Amending Existing Desktop Launcher:

    sudo nano /opt/sublime_text_3/sublime*.desktop


    Icon=/opt/sublime_text_3/Icon/48x48/sublime-text.png Categories=Development;

    Ctrl+x to Save & Exit.

    Making a Symlink:

    sudo ln -s /opt/sublime_text_3/sublime_text.desktop /usr/share/applications/

    The You Find It into Applications >> Development.

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